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On the other hand, I think cats have Asperger's. Like me, they're very smart. And like me, sometimes they simply need to be left alone. —  Jodi Picoult, House Rules

My story

Having spent years with a gut feeling that something was very wrong in my marriage but never being able to put my finger on what it was, I finally decided last year that enough was enough and that I couldn’t and wouldn’t take it any longer. Years and years having the same conversations over and over about exactly the same problems and issues with no resolution had taken its toll, leaving me feeling isolated and alone. At the point of giving up, it was only through the suggestion of a friend that I finally made the connection between my husband’s lack of empathy or compassion, and complete inability to deal with any emotional aspect of our relationship, and the term Asperger’s. Wow! What a revelation. Suddenly everything that hadn’t made sense to me for 20 years was falling into place Initially, I was a hugely relieved to know there were others in the same boat as us with seemingly unsolvable marital problems that nobody else appeared to really understand, but already depleted from years of trying to ‘fix’ the problems myself, I struggled to find avenues of help for dealing with issues that I was only now beginning to understand. Traditional marriage guidance validated many of my relationship concerns, but with regard to solutions it drew very expensive blanks. My husband just wasn’t getting it and that’s where the initial relief started to run dry. It soon became clear that without the guidance of somebody with specialist training in AS, the problems in our marriage were actually increasing. Where was the help and support for these very specific marital issues? With my confidence and self esteem in pieces the relationship I’d worked so tirelessly to save was in tatters and was affecting every aspect of family life. I was devastated.

Finally, through the creation of this website there is hope for all NT/AS couples who want to find a way to do the right things to save their relationship but lack the tools, information and support that is vital in turning around often very difficult, complicated and dysfunctional relationship problems.

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