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25 September 2017 Why the world expert on Asperger's took 30 years to notice condition in his own son - The Guardian

11 May 2016 "The truth about my Asperger's" Susan Boyle article

22 April 2016 "We were married 7 years before I realised my husband had autism" article from the Huffington Post

15 July 2015 "Hiding in plain sight: Autism research unmasks gender disparities" article from KPBS

9 May 2015 "Through our Eyes: Living with Asperger's" Please make a donation to Alyssa Huber Films if you appreciate this brief film

2 March 2015 Could it be Asperger's?  Professor Tony Attwood filmed at the Annual Women's and Children's Health update 2014

9 January 2015 Individuals with Asperger's Syndrome don't lack empathy 

5 January 2015 Is the NHS failing women with autism?  An article in the Guardian.

27 October 2014 Is it time to see a couple's counsellor? Article by Eve Mendes, couple's counsellor working with couples where one or both partners have Asperger Syndrome, and are on the Autism Spectrum (diagnosed or undiagnosed).

18 August 2014 Seven autism quotes from those who know by Stephen Borgman in Psychology Today.

16 August 2014 Lesser-known things about Asperger's Syndrome.  Thanks BBC News OUCH.

1 August 2014 Vectors of Autism: a documentary about Laura Nagle.  Fascinating, insightful and heartwarming.

24 July 2014 The Guardian 'After what I've been through, don't tell me I'm not autistic'

23 July 2014 - Business Insider  Start up hires people on the autism spectrum.

17 July 2014 - Debate in the House of Commons today on the provision of education for children with autism.

17 July 2014 - The BMJ today "Minister admits to “dysfunctional” NHS care for child and adolescent mental health"

16 June 2014 The Guardian 'We need to research practical knowledge about autism - not just how it affects the brain'

5 March 2014 The Hexham Courant 'Aspergers marriage put into words'

16 February 2014 Daily Mail 'Is your man wired differently?  Signs that he may have Asperger's Syndome ...

2014 — February — Therapy Today
Caroline Hearst on the importance of counsellors and therapists being alert to the possibility that a client may be autistic and that "the diagnosis is not simply an irrelevant label".

Susan Boyle
Susan talks about her relief on being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.

Amanda Harrington
Amanda, who has Asperger's Syndrome, describes living in a world which can sometimes feel puzzling and unkind.

Maxine Aston explains the importance of understanding Asperger's syndrome for the therapist or counsellor.

Sarah writes about her forty-two year marriage to her AS husband.

My story

I am NT, my husband, Patrick, has AS. We have 4 sons. Our second son, Sonny, has ASD, SLD and suspected bipolar disorder. When he hit puberty, his behavior got really challenging. My husband could not cope at all with the behavior, and anyway worked such long hours that he often wasn’t around when it occurred, so it was me that had to deal with it. I was also sleep-deprived as Sonny didn’t sleep well at night and couldn’t be left unattended while awake. It became apparent that we needed more respite than the two nights a month we were getting. Social Services (SS) were involved because as parents of a child with disabilities, we had access to a social worker.

As an NT mother, I don’t think I would have ever have been able to consign my child to SS care - but my AS husband could. After years of the demands of looking after Patrick, Sonny and our three other sons, teaching part-time and doing housework the rest of the time, I felt too browbeaten and exhausted to oppose his decisions.

Age fourteen Sonny went into care. The family visited him every Sunday afternoon and he later came home for one day a week with a carer who taught us how to cope. Patrick did not avail himself of this training and obstructed some of it. We were advised to get a stable door to the kitchen so that Sonny could see in and feel a part of what was going on in the house but not come in, for safety reasons. Patrick refused. I would compromise between the two, so for example, I got a dog gate for the kitchen which had the same effect as a stable door, but which could be removed when Patrick was at home.

Eventually, it was agreed that Sonny could be in shared care. When asked how many days a week we could manage him at home, Patrick said two. I couldn’t disagree, mindful as I was that those two days it would be me, and me alone, looking after him.

My time alone with Sonny is rewarding as we go on long walks which keep us fit and clears my head.

Anonymous 2014

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